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Yoga shoulder and back exercise asana and points to note

  Since most modern work styles are performed on computers, many people have some stiffness in their shoulders and backs, and the shape of their shoulders and backs has become somewhat deformed in the long run.

  Supine stretch movement details.

  1, back stretch from the supine position, lying on your back on the yoga mat, each exhale when the navel contraction down, the pubic bone looking for the direction of the navel to lift the legs, inhalation natural relaxation, if you are comfortable you can also put your hands on the side of the body, always keep the navel contraction to drive the legs up, the legs do not do active force;.

  2, activate your lower abdomen, after completion you can go try to let the lower back sink with each exhalation, so that the thighs are closer to the abdomen, natural exhalation of thighs against the abdomen, after the completion of the adjustment, the last exhalation upward, inhalation slowly relaxed, complete the practice of this asana.

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  Eagle twist (right) action details.

  1, the right leg will be lifted up and wrapped around the left leg, eagle leg, ready to enter the eagle twist, hips drive the legs to the left, from the root of the neck to the eyes to the right fingertips, into the eagle twist right, here to release the pressure on the lower back, while allowing our abdomen to stretch the internal and external oblique muscles, adjust your breathing, slowly inhale back to the right, untie the feet on the solid mat.

  Yoga shoulder and back exercise precautions

  First of all, you should start with your diet. You should quit eating foods high in oil, salt and fat, and increase fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber in your daily diet, so that the carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your body can reach the standard of coordination.

  The second is to pay attention to the rest after exercise, to know that rest is the best stage to replenish energy, while we are at rest is the best stage of muscle growth, to help the body to better shape the muscle curve, so that our body is more curvaceous beauty.

  The last thing you need to pay attention to is to maintain a good state of mind, do not only pay attention to physical exercise and ignore the inner inculcation, optimism can make your training half the effort, optimize the shoulder and back curve, to create the perfect body.


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