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Fitness use which supplements and supplements the right way

  Common supplements on the market can be simply divided into four categories, the first category is called protein, the second category is called muscle gain and weight gain, the third category is called fat loss and fat loss, the fourth category is called to promote synthesis and recovery.

  The first category of protein

  The good effect of the protein class is worth recommending whey protein powder and casein powder. Whey protein powder is characterized by fast absorption, suitable for consumption just after the workout, the best absorption effect after training consumption of whey protein powder. That casein powder features the opposite of whey protein powder, the absorption rate is slow, staying in the body for a longer period of time, slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing energy, providing protein, casein powder is suitable for eating before bed.

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  The second type of muscle gain and weight gain class

  The main two types of muscle gain and weight gain are recommended, creatine and muscle building powder. Creatine before training to eat the best effect, 20-30 minutes before practice to eat can provide strength, in training will be more power and staying power, training status and training time can be more effective. Next is the muscle building powder, also called weight gain powder, weight gain powder is suitable for eating after training, weight gain powder is absorbed very quickly, which contains sugar and whey protein that the body can easily absorb.

  The third category of fat loss and fat reduction class

  Fat loss class supplements recommended is L-carnitine, L-carnitine can play a role in helping fat metabolism, an effective aid to weight loss weight loss. The method of consumption is twice a day, once before training, 20-30 minutes before training is good. There is also a time to eat before the meal with the highest caloric intake of food throughout the day. Reasonable consumption of L-carnitine with scientific exercise, can effectively improve the fat loss effect.

  The fourth category to promote recovery class

  Promote recovery class mainly recommended branched-chain amino acids and glutamate. The use of branched-chain amino acids is to use once before training and consume once after training. The best effect of branched-chain amino acids after training, because branched-chain amino acids can open the protein synthesizer pathway, improve the efficiency of protein synthesis. Glutamine consumption is consumed after training and before bedtime, and the best effect after training can improve the body's antioxidant capacity and help immunity.


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